What’s In a Name?

Once upon a time, I hated to be called Michael. This wasn’t something born out of childhood and always being called Mike so just being used to it, there was way more to it than that, but I’ll explain why momentarily. Lately, though, I’m finding that I actually prefer to be called Michael, especially by the people I’ve been meeting lately in Richmond. It is honestly the work of one woman, which is funny, because it was the work of another woman who made me start to loathe my actual first name.

I was married. We’re not going to discuss the nature of that marriage, because the only thing that matters it what I’m currently talking about, being called by my first name, Michael, versus being called Mike. I spent years not actually having a first name when I was with my now ex-wife. She always had nick names for me, nothing bad just cutesy type shit, unless she was angry with me. Then, it was always , “MICHAEL!” in what we will just describe as an unhappy manner. Hey, she was angry, it’s to be expected, right? Like I said, though, I see no nosed to actually go into any details about this, just trust me when I say that it was not good in a lot of ways. Because of this, I came to hate my name. I associated it with everything bad in my life. Honestly, I can’t even say that I enjoyed being called Mike any more. Ok, let’s not go down that road. Not a happy place.

I tried doing this a few years ago, but there was nothing to associate the name with that was good or positive. I know, it’s just a fucking name, right? But, isn’t that part of your identity? Part of who you intrinsically are? Maybe I’m weird, fuck, I don’t know, this is just how I’ve always felt about it.

Lately, though, I’ve been finding a new sense of happiness with my friends in Richmond. I’ve also been meeting new people, yes, I already said that, and when meeting this people, Meghan has been introducing me as Michael. I honestly don’t know why she decided to do this, but with her being such an integral part of the happiness I have in Richmond, it has kind of taken a negative and turned it around into an extreme positive. It feels like a chance to start over fresh as a new person, to begin a new life without old baggage dragging me down any more, which is the main reason why I am moving away from the MOV.

So, yeah, Hi, new people, I’m Michael. I guess if you knew me in my previous life you can keep calling me Mike, I won’t complain, because if we’re friends it means I love you and shit, so I can handle it.

Speaking of moving to Richmond, I sent in an application for a place yesterday. Huzzah.